In love on South Congress - Austin, TX - April 2011

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Austin Architecture 201

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It’s a beautiful day in Austin. Sunny, nice breeze, not too humid. Check out Zilker Botanical Garden! Just $2 for admission. 

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Art City Austin 2014

Check out our event coverage!

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“I’ve been to other big cities in Texas (like Houston and Dallas), but I’ve heard some great things about Austin and wanted to come to a place where its well known that they appreciate art.”

—Carlos Montanaro, owner of Rewind Jewelry

Art City Austin 2014

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Missed out on Art City Austin 2014? No problem—-check out our coverage of the fine arts festival!

Keep Austin Artistic: Art City 2014

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Here Comes Art City 2014!

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"My passion for film is pretty all encompassing. I gravitate towards fancy, high-art foreign films as much as I do crappy, drive-in B movies from the ‘60s. I think that I’m a relatively easy movie-goer to please. I think people want to be told a good story, and if the story is good and they’re well-told and you care about the character and things on screen, I think that’s a recipe for success."

- Brian Satterwhite, Austin-based film composer, on movies

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"I’m making a comfortable living doing what I love to do in a city that I love. So from here on out, all my new goals I’m striving for are like icy on the cake. I want to work on bigger films and better films and bigger directors. I want more audiences to see my films and buy and download the music. I’m so very thankful that I’m at where I’m at today."

- Brian Satterwhite, Austin-based film composer, on his career

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A Champion of Film Music: Brian Satterwhite

A Champion of Film Music: Brian Satterwhite

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Finding Value in that which is Broken

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Good morning, Austinites! Beautiful day it is. 

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Si Se Puede: The Story Behind “Cesar Chavez”

The film opens in theaters today.

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